All about hair straightening ????

Admit it!! At one point of time in our lives,we all wanted straight,silky and beautiful hair ?

Most of us are not happy with the hair we are blessed with and that includes me as well ?

Well, in this post Iam going to talk about hair straightening ??

Hair straightening at home :

There are different types of flat irons that are available in the market today.

Major types are ceramic and titanium ?

If u have fine and normal hair u can choose ceramic hair straightener .

If u are looking for more intense straightening for long,thick, hard to manage hair u can choose a straightener that has titanium plates.

I use a pink silk ceramic Remington hair straightener.It has 2″ ceramic plates and heats up in 15 seconds and the temperature can go up to 455 degree F ?

Heat protection :

You need to prepare your hair before u start straightening because you don’t want to expose your hair to extreme heat without proper care and preparation.

❗️Always use a hair protection serum or spray before you start straightening ❗️

These are my favorite products ? l’oreal sleek it iron straight heat spray and l’oreal hair mix supreme smooth ??

Apply/spray evenly section by section to shampooed and towel dried hair ?and then proceed to straighten your hair ???

Using a heat protectant before you straighten helps in reducing frizz and also helps you to achieve sleek and straight looking hair ?

Hair serum :

Hair serum gives a nice shine to your hair and makes the ends look healthy . Apply 2-3 drops of the hair serum starting from the ends and work your way up to the scalp.

Mythic oil by l’oreal is my favorite serum ?

Keep in mind that too much product makes your hair look greasy and you don’t want that to happen

Hair spray :

After all the effort/time we put in to make our hair look straight, we need to lock this look ?

Invest in a good hair spray . Run your fingers through your hair and spray all around holding it aleast 30 cms away from your hair ?

Spray a little product in your hands and apply it to tame unruly strands of hair.

I have tried many hair sprays from Schwarzkopf ,Garnier,Tigi and l’oreal too .

But my all time favorite is Nexus finishing mist.

This hair spray provides long lasting control with maximum hold ?

From curly hair  

To straight hair in no time ?

I hope this post helped you ?❤️

Loads of love ? XOXOXO ?


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  1. Hey thank you so much dear <3 .. Really u r giving very useful info.. We really love it..
    I have asked abt dis hair straightening, u posted within a week.. Once again thank you so much for your response.. Lovvvvve you, I'm the one who fallows ur posts regularly..
    Keep it up dea!!! <3 <3

  2. hey thank you so much dear <3 <3.. really i love it.. it is very useful info..
    i have asked abt dis hair straightening, within a week you posted.. very fast response darling.. lovvvvvve youuuu <3 <3 .. i'm the one who fallows your posts regularly… keep it up dea!!!!!! <3<3

  3. Aww…?..very useful baby !!!thanks for spending so much time and blogging it ??..i was waiting for someone to post this kinda stuff..??

  4. Hi
    This is so good but I can’t do at home all the time because it takes 2 to 3 hrs for my hair coz of thickness ..
    So planning to do permanent straightening. I’m in a small doubt
    Which one should I opt
    Straightening or smoothing?
    Suggest me the best

  5. Hey ! Whenever i straight my hair at home its kindof becoming brown….i have a naturl dark black curly hair. I use phillips hair straightner. Can u plz give me tips to protect my hair frm loosing its natural colour and restoring its colour back

  6. Thanks for shring your hair straightening routine. I always wanted a good serum and i have been looking out for light weight serums. Mythic oil seems really nice and your hair looks so gorgeous… Definitely would try the mythic oil serum and Nexus hair spray….

  7. Wow.. Thank you so much Mouneesha.. That is very helpful guide.. Am super happy that along with procedure you mentioned the products also.. Thanks gal.. I will start doing the same ??

  8. hey hi mouneesha.. when should i apply hair serum.. after straightening or before straightening…
    thank u in advance.. 🙂

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