Cyber Bullying

Hey lovelies ? how have u been ?

In this day and age we cannot live without social media. It’s surprising how we all are addicted to it .

People see both kindness and cruelty online.

There are people among us who have been the victims of cyber bullying .But what is cyber bullying ??

Cyberbullying is bullying through
-text message
-phone call
-picture/video clip



Cyberbullying can take several forms:
-Being called offensive names
-Efforts to purposely embarrass someone
-Being physically threatened
-Being sexually harassed
-Stalking someone
-Harassment over a certain period of time
-posting derogatory information about someone.
-Impersonation(i.e, hacking a person’s email and posting embarrassing information)



How to prevent Cyber bullying :
– keep all evidence of the bullying…messages, posts, comments, etc
-if you are being cyberbullied on Facebook, contact them. Take help from your friends and report the activity
-If you are receiving hurtful or threatening cell phone messages, contact your cell phone company to obtain assistance.
-Do not respond to the bully except to calmly tell them to stop. If they refuse, you may have to take additional actions.
-If you are ever afraid for your safety, you need to contact the cyber police to investigate.
-The evidence that you have collected will help them to evaluate your situation.


The worst part of getting cyber bullied is we are often unaware of the person who is doing this.  Most of the times it is some one cyber-bullying-finalcolorwho is/was very close to us and knows our weakness and is using it against us. We are too embarrassed to share it with people around us and we ignore it.Thus,we are giving the bully a chance to destroy us more.

Just trust the people around you and tell them that you are being bullied,seek help and take an action on that bully.There is nothing to be embarrassed about. ?

I know a lot of girls who have been cyber bullied by girls (as shocking as it seems) . They have created fake accounts on fb with the victim’s pictures and information.
I have been cyberbullied too once by a girl whom i have unfriended on Facebook. She created a fake fb account and started abusing and even threatened me. She knew it very well that aim sensitive and weak and i could not do anything even though i knew it was her and yes i was weak and just ignored the whole issue. I have given her the leverage to bully more people on fb. I should have taken an action at that moment.


let us educate one another and put an end to this and make interactions on social media healthy and safe ?

Have a good day ❤️ xoxo ?


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