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Hey lovelies,

It’s been so long since I have posted something on the blog !!

I feel terrible, but you know, life got in the way. I have been doing some amazing things lately.

I started working at a cancer institute, won a pageant and started modeling. I was on the local news twice. My picture was featured on salt lake tribune.I never thought that my life would take such a drastic turn. I have been extremely busy and have no time to spend with friends or family. But at the end of the day I am doing what I love the most.

Pageants and modeling introduced me to the best people in the world. I have made some amazing friends. I finally feel like I belong in the USA.

I was always this girl with zero confidence, low self esteem and anxiety issues ?but today i stand in a foreign land representing my Country

All of this would never have been possible without your constant support and encouragement
I would like to thank you EACH and EVERY ONE of you from the bottom of my heart .Your constant words of encouragement makes me wanna push my limits and try something new each day.

A biiiiiiiggggg shoutout to my friends who constantly message/talk to me and actually show interest in my projects. Behind all the glitz and glamor theres a lot of hard work that goes in. I am and forever will be grateful for the opportunities that I get.
I will continue working hard and will make all of you really proud 

I have promised myself that I would be more active on the blog and start posting about my future projects, my ootds, diy home decor and of course make up reviews.


Love you all so much <3 :* xoxo

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