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Indian Beauty Rituals

Hey ladies … Happy Friday

In present times we are obsessed with Bathing. How many shampoo brands are there ? Soaps, razors, perfumes ?  Hundreds , Thousands!


How did the people deal with these things in the history ? Have you ever thought of it ?


Well , Fortunately thousands of years later, these have made their way into the modern world of Beauty. With environment pollution, sun-damage affecting the health of our skin, this era is sure going to need them.

India’s Beauty is mesmerizing, Mysterious, and Awe-inspiring and the same can be said about the beauty of India’s women. It has been admitted, talked of, worshipped to and celebrated for centuries. So, Here are some traditional beauty secrets that Indian women choose over thousands of foundations, scrubs & creams.



NEEM : (Queen of all beauty Ingredients)




  • It does wonders for Acne-Prone.
  • Neem oil is fantastic Moisturizer.




  • A simple paste made of Tulsi  & milk can help drive those nasty teen-age pimples & nourish the skin.



turmeric 2


  • It is referred as anti-septic which cure pimples.
  • Mix it with little milk for your under-eye & say good bye to wrinkles.
  • Add oil to it to keep those soles crack-free.




 sandal wood

  • It has anti-septic properties too.
  • It softens and aids blood circulation in the skin.
  • It is also proven that it acts against skin diseases & allergic reactions.






  • An excellent exfoliating agent.
  • It has anti-bacterial properties to cure acne.






  • Honey is referred as hydrating agent.
  • Add it to little saffron or milk and you get a face pack that will leave you glowing.
  • You can also use it with olive oil to make it good hair conditioner.


SHIKAKAI: (Literally means fruit for hair)




  • Helps with dandruff or weak roots.




Gooseberries in a white bowl

  • The Amla oil treats hair and scalp and strengthens roots.
  • It can be used alone or along with Shikakai, Neem and Tulsi.


CLAY: (Multani Mitti)


 multani mitti

  • Known as natural cleanser and scrubber.
  • A ready antidote for pimples.
  • Mix it with Jaggery & curd as a hair pack to be used before shampooing.


CURD: (Always a part of Indian diet)




  • The presence of zinc in it helps treat blemishes.
  • It is a boon for someone who suffer from sunburns very often.





  • Mix it with milk and cream as a replacement for soap.
  • Use it with lime water, honey, milk & yogurt to make a face pack which leaves you glowing like never before.


So why not ditch the artificial this year & give mother nature a chance ?

Think About It…

Hope This Article helped you in some or the other way 🙂

See you again with “skin and hair care for summer” very soon 🙂


Post by : Mrudula Gatti

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