Iphone case haul ??

People who know me well, know that Iam OBSSESSED with phone cases/mobile covers ??

I change the cover of my mobile everyday to match my dress even though Iam at home doing nothing ?

I had a very cute pink iPhone 5c and I spent more on cases than I spent on the phone itself ?
Just a plain green case to match my green dress ?

Really cute jewelpef??????

My favorite Bart Simpson ?

A blue case to match my blue skirt ?

A really expensive cover from accessorize ? one of my favorites ❤️

Meow ?? my favoritest case from accessorize again ❤️?

Funky ??

Yiyi the cutest ???

Signature chumbak owls ✨?

Indian building from chumbak again ??

Winnie the Pooh ??????

And two normal cases for when Iam sad ?

And then one day .. A disaster happened ? my phone all of a sudden decided to do a somersault and it landed straight in to the comod ? ??

RIP my cute lil pink iPhone ?

It was time for a new iPhone ?? iPhone 6plus ????

My favorite Simpsons again ?HOMER ??

Boo ??

I love how this purple case feels in my hand ???

I love dogs and hearts ?❤️ So I had to buy this case ??

Belo ????

And Who doesn’t love glitter ✨✨✨✨✨

Duckyyys ?? that float on water ? isn’t that cool ??

Iam still collecting girly iPhone 6plus cases ?❤️

See you next time with a bigger collection ??

Loads of love ❤️ xoxoxo ??

  1. Love ur iphone cases .. Let me know wer u can find pretty cases for iphone 6s plus …btw love ur blog …..very informative… Can we share any beauty related videos here ?????just wondering ?

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