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This Miraculous Product Cleared My Skin

Hey lovelies !!
I am back with a new skin care tip that works like magic.
I would not say that I have acne prone skin but my skin gets irritated pretty easily. I have always invested in expensive skin care range but now I have completely stopped using everything and started going all natural.

So this is how my day/night time routine goes.




For cleansing I am using Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery’ Botanical cleansing oil. It works great for sensitive and easily irritated skin like mine.
Toning : This is the miraculous product I am talking about. I ditched all the toners that have alcohol in them and replaced it with this product.
Its something you can find in a grocery store near you.

Drum roll please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Apple cider vinegar contains alpha hydroxy acids that will remove dead skin and reveal healthy and vibrant new skin.
Here’s what you need – Organic apple cider vinegar , mint leaves and a glass container.
Note : Always use a glass jar. Never use metal or plastic containers.

Dilute apple cider vinegar with water in the ratio 70:30 or 50:50 depending on your skin type. If you have sensitive skin add more water.
Now add some mint leaves and leave the jar in the refrigerator for a 2-3 days. This reduces the strong smell of vinegar.

Every night after cleansing your face use a cotton pad to apply apple cider vinegar all over your face, neck ,chest and even shoulder (if you have back acne).

I have been using this from the last 3 months and my skin has cleared up and the size of my pores reduced too.
Some days when I eat a lot of sweets and I feel like I am gonna break out , I leave the cotton pads on my skin for 30 mints.
I swear by this product because I could actually see some improvement in my skin texture.

The only disadvantage is the pungent smell but I guess thats okay I guess.

Let me know how it works with you.

❤️See you soon with another post ❤️

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