Monthly favorites ?

Hey guys ?

I have done a video reviewing my favorite products of the month.

Tell me how you like it ? and also let me know if you want to see more such videos …i’ll record with a better camera next time ?

Have a good day ? xoxo ?

  1. Hey eesha ! Great video !!! I love cetaphil and eos too. Which shade are you using the maybelline blush? Can you do stuff like simple makeup videos to parties etc too ? Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. way to go dear…good one :)… remembering the time when u suggested me make-up products on my birthday and did my make-over.u r a charm.keep it up

  3. Soo Sweet for an Indian Girl to be and a really sweet voice and accent ! loved it.
    Though i’m a guy i wud luv to share it Eeshaa. XO XO..

  4. I loved ur video.I use some of the products u mentioned in the video .I follow ur blog.I bought vegas hair curler but unable to get perfect curls,any suggestion pls.

    Waiting for your next video.LOTS OF LOVE <3

  5. Hey Eesha?…
    Very nice video dear??… Waiting for ur next videos?…
    Can u do a video showing how to apply makeup nd all.. ?thanku..

  6. Girls
    I also found 2 more moisturizers for face other than cetaphil
    It’s Aveeno and St Ives.
    They are not very greezy but still gives good moisture to ur face and can apply before going out too.

  7. U have done an amazing video on monthly favourites, I hope and wish u do these every month…. Your voice is little less audible in the video plz look into that when ur making next video… And keep up girl ….!!!

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