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Post by : Sandya Sravya Malla ❤️ Thank you for using my pic ?

To each and every person in this world there will be definitely a moment of self questioning of what’s happening with our lives!! The first and foremost query that hits on our mind is Am I happy ?
Sooner or later this situation happens and will happen always with us.
Ok now you might be thinking why all of a sudden this philosophical discussion came up!! ? but yeah I wanted to put infront of you and share in this little space about being happy in life. There might be millions things that make us happy ,but why not we follow at least 10 ways of them to be happy.Afterall Happiest girls are the prettiest? ok now 4…3…2…1…0..BOOM


1.Feel grateful of what you have ,what you are and where you are !!
We are the architects of our own happiness.
If you don’t feel contented of what you have,step out of your little world and you can see people die of poverty and hunger.
Then you will know how to be grateful for the life you lead now .


2.Help the needy which is equivalent to serving the almighty.

Read a will learn a new thing .
Go to a new will be excited.
Help the poor/needy/educate a child.You cannot measure your happiness on that day and that’s what is called Internal happiness.Try it.



3. Keep smiling irrespective of the troubles you face. A curve that makes everything straight your way is a smile.Keep smiling and notice the positive thoughts from your mind.That will be Amazing. Wear a smile that makes you travel miles of happiness in your life . <3


4. Attitude pays and plays. Your attitude is very vital part of your character. People with good attitude can reach altitudes 😀 😀 Inculcate good attitude and never make others judge your character ..! your attitude is effigy of your mental status.


5.let the things that hurt you go away.

If something is bothering you emotionally always give some space and let it go.You must give a vent to such things to let them go away from you.It might be hard initially but if you really deserve that thing you will definitely possess it again. never let negativity enter your soul.


6.Build a relationship with the outside world.

You are just aware of a sand particle portion of this world.
This world is vast and when you come out of the cocoon you live in,you get to know what the world really mean.Introduce yourself to the world.Go to new places , make new friends, know new things, enlighten yourself .trust me it builds up lots of self confidence and you feel like you can conquer the world.


7.spend quality time with family and friends.

I need not tell you how this one makes you happy.Your small world you stay everyday .You share you laugh you travel with them.for most of us family and friends are everything . join the club.Yes I agree. Forever happiness.


8.choice is yours

What’s your favourite hobby? For me it’s blogging.I write a blog everyday. if not write , I at least read a blog everyday .I do it everyday and that makes me happy for few hours on each day.So now come on, your hobby should be on your list of everyday activity.


9.Meditate everyday

Stress has become part and parcel of our lives.We can’t change it.Stress is of two types .good one -eustress and bad one -distress.categorise your kind of stress and if it’s kind of latter one you have to get rid of it ASAP.Meditation helps you in that ,you keeps you pleasant and makes you feel happy.


10.Read a book or write a diary .
Give vent to your day happenings at the end of the day by inculcating a habit of writing a diary.If you can’t do it so, start reading a book and develop your knowledge before you go to bed.

P.S : not ghost stories though 😛 dreams ahead ?

Are you happy , let me know ??

Happiness is a choice ?



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