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Shea Body Butter by Aroma Essentials

Hey lovelies ? I have been loving the natural /organic products these days and Aroma essentials has become one of my favorite brands ❤️

I have received the Shea body butter in my mail last week and I was really very excited to try it out ❤️. I have become a huuugeee fan of Aroma Essential products lately.3

Lets get right in to the review ?

Packaging :


The packaging is pretty simple. The product comes in a tub. I use a spatula to pick out the moisturizer because I don’t want the rest of the product to get contaminated.

Price: Rs: 350.

My Experience :


I have been using this product from the past 4 days. It feels so good on my skin ?. The body butter is quite thick and moisturizing. It spreads well upon massaging in to the skin . I have got pretty dry skin. I have been using it on my hands,feet and face too. I use it at nights and by the time i wake up my skin feels baby butt soft ?.

I have ditched my body shop body butter and started using this and I am LOVING it ❤️

It smells like baby talc ?,so mild and delicate. The smell lasts till morning and idk how but the smell is so soothing that iam falling asleep right away ?It’s so relaxing and pleasant.

Like I have mentioned earlier too,Aroma Essential products give you the feeling of getting pampered at home.



Makes your skin super soft and nourished.

Very thick

Safe to use on sensitive skin.

No side effects.


I would have been extremely happy if the product came in a tube rather than a tub ?.

My rating : 4.5/5


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