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Skin Care and Hair Care tips for Holi

Save your hair and skin from harsh  colors, sun and climate this Holi


This  time of the year is back when you could have all the fun with your friends playing with colors and water. But in this very excitement let’s just remember to take every possible step to protect  our beautiful hair and skin from the harsh chemicals , colors  and  sun rays.

Here are some simple yet amazing tips…


  1. Avoid makeup
  2. Apply olive oil to your skin and let is get absorbed for 15-20 minutes at least
  3. Apply generous amount of moisturizer and sunscreen all over your body  after applying oil
  4. Avoid any kind of skin treatment like threading, waxing or facials at least 3-4 days before and after Holi
  5. Drink loads of water before you start playing Holi so that ur body stays hydrated all through out the day
  6. Lips : Apply a good amount of lip balm
  7. Eyes : Avoid lenses or glasses while playing with colors but if you are not comfortable without glasses just be careful as the frame may hurt you accidentally when you play with your friends
  8. Nails : Apply nail polish. This protects your nails from getting stained. At least 2-3 coats of nail polish. Preferable dark color.
  9. Apply good amount of Vaseline or any petroleum jelly on your cuticles and the back of your nails
  10. Carry Aloe Vera gel or rose water just in case you get some irritation from any color. They act as soothing agents
  11. Apply oil on all the exposed parts of the body like hands,legs,elbows,feet
  12. Avoid scrubbing your face after Holi if you have acne. Use besan and raw milk paste to scrub your face gently
  13. Take bath with cold water/luke warm water after the festival


skin care


  1. Apply olive oil / castor oil / coconut oil to your hair
  2. It is better to tie your hair
  3. Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair once you are done playing with colors
  4. Avoid washing too much as it makes your hair really really dry


hair care


  1. Prefer dresses with full sleeves to protect your hands
  2. Wear a dark colored dress
  3. Denims would be heavy once you have a bucket full of water splashed on you.
  4. Remove all your accessories to avoid getting damaged. They might be your favorite 🙂


Now you are good to go.. Enjoy your Holi 🙂 



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