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Tips for healthy skin :D

This post is written by Shushma Konathala <3 This is her first post 😀 lets support her guys  :*


Healthy glowing skin 
First and foremost step to do is to know your skin type. Take a tissue or by simply touchig your face one can feel their skin type . To know what category you fall under check out the listed symptoms

Skin types:

Oily – face represents an oil slick, profuse sweating, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads etc…

Dry skin- dry n flaky or its quite evident after face wash your skin becomes tight .

combination skin- by now all girls are well aware of this type as its prominent problem for most of the girls. Anyhow beginners look for t -zone (forehead and nose) is oily compared to rest .

Sensitive oily skin- acne prone n best remedy is to use foaming face wash to clear all the imperfections.

Dry sensitive skin -very tough to deal with it anyways no worries as there is always a solution go for paraben free products whichever you use .

I focussed on skin types primarily to make use of best products which suits your type of skin. So now when you go to market you can demarcate and ask for one which suits you.

1st step-exfoliation:

For a healthy glowing skin it should be free from all the radicals. Regular exfoliation is mandatory to clean all the surface deposits on face.

While buying a scrub make sure its with fine granules which are tiny and not too brash on skin. Best is to go for paraben free as it matches all skin types.

I personally prefer vichy 3 in 1 or bodyshop microdermabrasion. Vichy is a drugstore product so one can rely on it with no doubt but if your going for commercial products kindly check out for ingredients.

At pocket price organics can be used like sugar+honey,sugar+lemon,oatmeal scrub +milk,salt+milk+lemon mixture. The above ones are best possible alternatives I strongly recommend as they are chemical free comes handy ;home made too.

2nd step-choosing a face wash:

Depending on your skin type choose a face wash . Face wash should be used gently that too only twice per day with luke warm or normal temperature. oily acne prone skin-foaming face wash .

Sebamed or cipla depending on the budget. combination skin- paraben free face wash or mild ones like fruit flavours or honey . I recommend tea tree from body shop or neutrogena.

Dry skin -moisturisation is key to achieve flawless skin. Go for less lather sulfate free ones.


After face wash moisturisation play a pivotal role. Go for baby products or neutrogena which allows your skin to breathe.


Frequent make up users its a must for you to cleanse your skin as soon as you come home or away from work . Cleansing is good and plays a key role for even skin tone. so ,non make up users you to get ready with cleasing milk . Cleansing milk aids in removing the hidden dust which casues blemishes . Baby oil works as a substitute to remove make up as well as cleanse.

Night care:

During night wash your face by sprinkling water and then go for light aloe vera mask which is natural night cream . Aloe vera once applied releases its vitamins and enzymes into skin to produce deep moisturising effect that restores skin balance . Its protein is useful for hair regrowth or regeneration as well . Give it a try. Commercial night cream which has retinol or vitamic e or c or a works wonders for multiplication of new cells. I recommend vichy white med night cream .

Morning regimen as skin care routine:

Regular circulation of blood is important early morning massage with natural oils released from your own skin or with ice cube for about 3mins .

Secondary cause:

After following all the above ; foremost task is to check your dandruff levels . This is with regard to special focus on oily skin types as they are easily prone to acne . Maintain a healthy scalp . Use anti dandruff shampoo only from drug stores or dandruff free packs like lemon or amla powder which can fight dandruff. Dont push the limits ;apply 15mins before head bath. If it exceeds 15mins citrus level in lemon juice alters the Ph of your scalp and makes it sensitive to attract dust and acts as a bane inducing grey hair.

Uv ray protection for tan free skin:

sunscreen to protect from uv a n b rays . Dont expose beyond threshold limits. It damages skin and causes aging of skin at younger stages . Invest in best sunscreen it will pay you beautiful skin in return and its productive too. Mantra to follow 7a.m to 4p.m principle . Apply sunscreen as an obligatory task during these hours as its peek time . Those living in varying climatic conditions just follow the temperature . spf 50 for INDIAN climatic conditions if you go for spf 20 apply for every 2 to 3 hours . I suggest neutrogena ultra sheer touch spf 50. Its always in my bag and wishlist its a must yaya for me.

Checks and balances :

Nutrition ia daddy for everything that happens in our body ,mind and obviously skin too. A healthy diet and active lifestyle are always in symbiotic relation .A well balanced diet for glowing skin must contain elements like vitamin c , e and a. Vitamin c is of utmost important ;it produces collagen ;thats our new skin. Consume citrus fruits ,kiwi,berry family… And for vitamin e walnuts ,pomegranate , flax seeds ,fish oil like omegas 3 or 6 or avocados. vitamin e also helps for healthy looking nails think about manicure and pedicure girls . When we talk about vitamin e one cannot deny about that delayed aging process.leafy veggies contain vitamin A.

If you have a busy schedule drink lots of lemon water as natural source for vitamin c n not to mention it promotes weight loss too by maintaining alkaline levels in your body.”staying in shape never fades away ;” what say girls!! skin boosting vitamin c and e capsule are available in market . Discalimer I never used those capsules personally so I cannot assure 100 % results. You can still rely on vitamin pills for vit a c e sources ;I do administer them when I miss my diet plan . vitamin c serum helps too as im young I dint give it a try but my sister uses them . Added asset is your skin looks 2 scales fairer .

Alternatives: Nothing worth comes easy …………….nah nah there is always a solution . Even for this if you’re the one who cannot follow the tips just invest in some nice microdermabrasion or chemical peels . Do consult a dermatologist for skin check up and ask for above procedures.

Thank you guys !! Hope its useful , fingers cross its my first article. Mouneesha xoxo ♥♥special thanks for the platform.


  • yash

    Nice work Sush !!!

    September 29, 2015 at 4:28 am
    • sushma

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    September 29, 2015 at 10:46 am
    • sushma

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  • Shalini

    Nice work 🙂 Mine is dry skin. Can i use vichy white med night cream.
    Can you review it on your persnol experience. I am seeing for a best night cream

    September 29, 2015 at 12:12 pm
    • sushma

      Yeah definitely you can go for it but make sure 2ce or 1nce in a week let your pores open and breathe .

      September 29, 2015 at 6:00 pm
  • Sweety

    Awesome post..??Just loved it???????

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    Best article ?
    It makes you to love yourself more ?

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      Really sweet of you to say that Babe ♡♡♡

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  • Bhavya

    Heyy its really very informative and thanx for covering almost everythng about skin regimen 🙂

    November 25, 2015 at 1:37 pm
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    All the best foe your future articles. Though this is your first article you hav put up so well and the tips and tricks are rea;;y useful and ur article is so thoughful. Thanks for sharing such an important article which every girl , teenager and women would cherish…
    Hope you do so many helpful articles in near future,.. BEST OF LUCK…

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