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Once Upon A Time Christmas Parade WALT DISNEY WORLD Part 1

Helloooo every one <3 I am so excited to be writing about DISNEY <3

I am a huge fan of Disney ever since I could remember. My room in Hyderabad had paintings and stickers of Disney princess all over the walls. My ceiling fan in the room was limited edition Disney fan 😛

I am obsessed with Disney princesses and all the Disney movies. It is a dream come true for me to celebrate my birthday at WALT DISNEY WORLD <3 .

A little part of who I am today is because of what I learnt watching Disney movies.

This was my first time visiting Disney World although I have been to Disney Land 3 times. I am going to describe my experience in 4-5 parts!! Stay Tuned !!


We took a ferry ride to reach Magic kingdom.As we were approaching the castle …I am not even kidding I was so excited , that I was jumping like a lil girl .



As we get down the ferry , we were greeted by mickey and minnie <3

By the time we reached the castle,we were right on time for Mickey’s Once Upon A Time Christmas Parade. In my opinion Christmas time is the best time to visit Disney World. It’s something about the carols, the lights and the decorations .. the place looked magical than ever <3



I was given a birthday badge . And me being extra , I wore a High-Low gown ….almost every one who came across me complimented me on my dress(that includes kids as well) and wished me a happy birthday <3 I found that people of Florida are the kindest and the sweetest and boy !! they knew how to dress !!

A little girl thought i was a princess and wanted a picture withe me ;( Its the moments like this that makes it the best experience ever .

Just look at the happy couple behind me <3 My heart <3 <3 <3

I was the happier version of myslef <3

Honestly , this place does something to you .It brings out the kid in you  <3 even writing about this put a big smile on my face<3

See you soon with my DISNEY PART 2 <3

Outfit details :

Dress : Dillards

Ear rings : Katespade

Minnie ears : From disney land during the 75th anniversary celebrations.


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